Kitchen Hygiene & Cleaning

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that live in the air, soil and water, on surfaces, and in and on the human body. Bad bacteria, such as E-coli, is what causes us to have negative reactions, including food poisoning. Preventing the spread of bad bacteria within your kitchen is essential in creating a safe and hygienic environment.

Feeding people comes with great responsibility for any Hotels, Restaurant and commercial kitchens. Surfaces food poisoning affects thousands of people every year and many of these go undetected due to people not seeking the help of their doctor. This renders the exact number of cases of food-related illness each year are unknown. Not deep cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen with the correct chemical and the correct procedure can cause badly contaminated areas with bacteria food poisoning which is awful at the absolute best of times, but contaminated food can have extremely serious consequences. If you invest in professional food and hygiene cleaning, HS Hygiene Services Ltd will help your organisation ensure that your kitchens are a safe and constructive environment.